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Armor Tools In Details:

Armor Tools

Armor Tools: While you are working on your computer the system monitors the so called "history" and saves it. All information about your work in the Internet - when and which sites you visited, of what content, which programs downloaded, with which documents you worked, which and whom you wrote, what you looked for, which folders you opened, what computers you connected to - all that and a lot of other information is left on your computer. Any person who has an access to your PC can easily access this information and monitor practically your every step. Besides he/she can collect compromising information about you. In that situation confidentiality can not be guaranteed. So much accessible information about you not only destroys your privacy but also slows down your computer. All this information is kept on your hard drive, in the system registry. Besides the history of started programs, history of the search, history of last opened documents is constantly loading by the system and "eats" RAM of your computer.

"Armor Tools" will let you work on the computer not leaving traces of your activities.

Attention! To use this program you need the administrator rights.

System requirements:

  • OS Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
  • Minimum screen resolution 800x600
  • Pentium processor and above
  • 16 Mb RAM
  • 5 Mb free disk space


Armor Tools contains:

Encrypted Disk – tool is used for creating Encrypted disks on your computer. On this disk you can store confidential information which you`d like to keep secret from other users. The disk is encrypted by 256-bit (32 symbols) password using "AES256" algorithm in real-time mode (this ensures steady protection of your data against hacking). On creating of Encrypted disk on your computer the extra disk encrypted by your password will appear in Explorer. At the same time the container-file with your encrypted information will be created on your hard drive. 

The Eraser – tool is used for cleaning the private information kept on your computer. For this in the window of objects you need to choose objects which you like to clean and then press button "Erase" to begin cleaning. After finishing of cleaning your computer you need to reboot the computer or if you do not have time to reboot you can update Explorer by button "Update Explorer" to erase private information which Explorer keeps in RAM. 

Invisible Man – is for keeping private information and its later restoring. This is necessary in that case when you wish to do some work on the computer which must not be fixed anywhere, but you need to save the information which you had in computer before your work.

File Shredder – is for deleting documents, programs, and other files without possibility to restore them. While deleting files on the computer the file itself is not deleted - only a part of its header is deleted. All information from the file is still kept on a hard drive but at first sight it seems to be deleted. There are special programs which can restore erased files. If you delete some of your secret files by ordinary method or by using "Recycle Bin" procedure then the files still can be restored without any problems by "unwanted person" or by Special Agencies. While deleting files the "File Shredder" tool erases information in file itself and then renames it to even prevent access to name of the file and deletes it in an ordinary way. After that sort of deleting it is not possible to define the name of the file. And if this file is restored it will contain not the original information but trash data.

Adjustments – a set of additional adjustments related to safety, system capacity and user preferences. It contain parts: Start Menu, Explorer, Network, Printers, Display, IE Favorites... 



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Armor Tools In Details:



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